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Samantha Warren – Why Book Covers Are So Important

Posted on: August 29, 2013

Why Book Covers Are So Important

By: Samantha Warren

Unless someone is familiar with the author, the most common way for someone to find a new book is through recommendation. Another popular method to find new books is to stroll through bookstores or scroll through pages on their favorite ebook seller’s website. How do you grab someone’s attention that way? With a great cover, of course.

The Iron Locket

The cover for The Iron Locket is visually stunning and draws you in immediately. The first place you look is her eyes. She makes that connection with you and dares you to read the book.The title is clear and easily read in thumbnail format.

I didn’t always have such wonderful covers. I used to do them myself. I’m going to share the very first cover I did with you. It’s embarrassing. Are you ready?


While they weren’t always the worst covers I’ve seen, they definitely lacked that quality that made you go “Oh wow, look at that!” Then I found Kalen O’Donnell and the world of amazing covers opened to me. I can say with certainty that those covers sold some books for me, where mine definitely did not. If you are responsible for your own cover, it’s well worth the money to find an experienced cover designer.

The first thing someone sees, even before the blurb, is the cover. You could have the most amazing book, with the most interesting hook in the description, but if they don’t like the cover, a reader is not going to click on it to get far enough to discover your wonderful writing. Covers are key.

The Iron Locket

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Genre – Paranormal Romance

Rating – PG

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