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Excerpt: Keeper of Reign (Reign Fantasy) by Emma Right

Posted on: September 9, 2013


“RALS, YOU CARRY Tippy.” Jules tucked the sardius inside his green cloak, relieved it finally broke free from the mossy ground, but he couldn’t help the uneasy feeling.

Somebody’s watching. But who? And why? Must bring them to safety. Jules glimpsed at his sisters. He tiptoed to peer over the tall grasses. Nothing but the dark blob far away. How was he to plan for his secret getaway to look for Grandpa like this?

Horrifying pictures of Scorpents invaded his mind. He joggled his head a few times to dispel the images. But even as he quickened his steps something told him his troubles had just begun.

What was that verse from the Book about fear Grandpa taught him? “Perfect love casts out all fear.” He repeated it several times under his breath hoping the feeling would disappear.

But when he gazed at the sky again he spied something else: the blob had turned to four patches, as black as the night, contrasting against the blue background. He stopped and pointed, his eyes in narrow slits as he tried to understand the meaning of this latest mystery.

The others halted, too, and stared at the objects until the four dark blobs came close enough.

“A flock of birds with impressive wingspans.” Tst Tst pointed at the fowls.

“Mrs. Lacework warned Mom,” Bitha said, “about the rise of savage birds.”

“She claimed,” Tst Tst lowered her voice, nodding a few times, her hazel eyes wide. “They’re after Elfies.”

As the birds came closer the sheen of the dark bluish feathers glistened in the sun.

“They’re just ravens.” Jules tried to sound convincing. “Hunting for food.”

“We,” Tst Tst said, and gulped, “could qualify as food.”

Jules glared at her and gestured at his brother, some twenty steps behind. “Hurry, Rals.”

The ravens circled directly above them now. When the black birds flapped their massive wings, gusts of wind billowed the children’s cloaks.

Jules, standing ahead of everyone, noticed the dirty talons on one of the ravens opening, as if the bird had already decided on its prey. Then it hit him.

“Ralston! Duck! Duck—” he yelled. He’s so slow!

Still battling with Tippy’s weight in his arms, Ralston, brown hair disheveled, looked up and Wham! The talons dug into his shoulders and he dropped Tippy.

Within seconds, Bitha and Tst Tst, screaming, dodged the onslaught of other talons swooping at them. The girls dived behind a large mushroom in a nick of time. At first, Jules just stared at the bird, eyes round, mouth open like an O.

Keeper of Reign

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Genre – Young Adult Adventure Fantasy  

Rating – G

More details about the author & the book

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