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Posted on: November 6, 2013

Keep Your Eye on the Money

by Dawn Ius

There’s a certain romanticism about writing—the notion that you sit at an old wooden desk tapping away on an ancient typewriter until your blood, sweat and tears transform into the great American novel. Later, you sip cheap champagne and read the reviews. Your book has received critical acclaim. Awards. The respect of your peers. What more could you want?

Wait what, you want money?

Nah. You don’t need that. You write because you must. Because the voices in your head won’t stop until you do. Because you will certainly go mad if you don’t put pen to paper. You write because it is who you are. Paycheck not required.


While you likely do have a deep-rooted desire—a need—to write, chances are, you also really want to eat—and mac and cheese ain’t cutting it anymore.

The reality is, you’re cramming writing in between the day job, tending to the kids/spouse, cooking, cleaning, socializing, sleeping, breathing, and—

*deep breath*


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