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Accountability Leadership by Di Worrall @DiWorrall

Posted on: November 12, 2013

What You’ll Find Here

In this book I present the reasons for lack of accountability, outline three guiding principles, and make suggestions that will help leaders improve their use of accountability for successful outcomes.

It’s my goal that by developing and presenting practical, down-to-earth ideas in this book on Leadership Accountability, we can make the leader’s job of getting results that much easier, or at least comprehensively streamlined through an Accountability Plan.

An Accountability Plan essentially outlines a system of accountability designed to pull the disparate pieces of human motivation together. We need to form a better picture of accountability that actually works so that everyone can achieve stellar results.

It’s not enough to bring in motivational speakers that leave people feeling enthusiastic and energised for an hour or a few days. Even the most inspirational mission statements and company incentives have their limits.

The Foundation for Accountability Leadership

In my experience, based on working with hundreds of leaders and thousands of people in organisations, as well as reviewing the leading authors on accountability, what’s needed in an Accountability Plan boils down to three foundational principles:

   Clarity of purpose, mission and strategy along with clear goals.

   Compelling consequences, both for encouragement and discouragement.

   Culture of accountability, evident in attitudes and conversations and sustained through systems.

These three principles are discussed for how each contributes to accountability leadership. We will also review motivational theory and best practices for bringing out the best in the people you lead.

Di Worrall

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Genre – Business, Leadership, Workplace Behaviour, Human Resources, Executive Coaching

Rating – PG

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