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Corr Syl the Warrior by Garry Rogers @garry_rogers

Posted on: November 27, 2013


Lisa Roman planned an early start.  Before going to bed, she packed her best brush and grooming kit, a blossom from the pot in the south window by the front door, and a gleaming ribbon she had woven from milkweed silk.  Tomorrow, Lisa planned to travel across Wycliff Valley to visit her friend from Nursery Canyon.  Rising early, she looked again at the directions in the letter, peeked in at her sleeping parents, smiled, and slipped out the front door.  She planned to follow Jones Creek until it turned south, then head directly west.  Faint stars sprinkled the morning sky and a light breeze played across her fur.  As she trotted along, Lisa hummed a tune and skipped a step now and then. 

Using the dry stream channel where she could, Lisa moved quickly down through the decaying rocks and broken cliffs of the basalt escarpment separating the upper mountain slopes from the dark chaparral-shrouded foothills below.  As she came to the upper margins of the chaparral, she entered a dark hollow and someone spoke.

“Hey there.  Out for a run?”

Lisa slowed to a stop and turned.  A mountain lion wearing a neat brown vest and trousers stood in the shadows, leaning on a gleaming stick. 

“I’m going to visit a friend across the valley.”

The lion stepped toward Lisa.

“What fun.”

The lion grinned, but his round yellow eyes glowed intensely.  Lisa stepped back, and the lion sprang at her.  Turning to flee, Lisa glimpsed claws and an arcing afterimage of the lion’s stick.

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Genre –  Science Fiction

Rating – PG

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Thanks for including Lisa.

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