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The Colors of Friendship by K. R. Raye @KRRaye

Posted on: December 7, 2013

Fortuitous Bumps

Melody flinched as Imani wheeled around fast, her right arm cocked and ready to fight.  Her breath caught in her throat as they both stared at each other in surprise.  Then the giggles hit and Melody burst out laughing.  Unable to stop, she doubled over clutching her stomach.

“You’re so wrong,” Imani said as she landed a big, booty bump on Melody’s hip that almost knocked her over.  Imani wagged her finger in a mock threat and then resumed dancing with Trevor as he cracked up and bopped along.

Still giggling, Melody straightened up and rubbed her hip as she tried to refocus on her cute dance partner.  However, her hip wasn’t the only thing aching.  Each step she took made her wince as her shoes pinched her toes like angry crabs.

Crap, she exhaled through gritted teeth, Imani warned her not to wear the sexy stilettos, but she wanted to look perfect tonight and they went so well with her long-sleeved, little, black jersey knit dress.  Ready to rest her sore feet, she yanked her partner’s sleeve.  “I’ve got to sit down for a while,” she yelled over the music.

Not missing a single beat, he shrugged, spun around, and danced with a group of girls behind him, leaving her gaping at his back.

“I guess you don’t want to join me at the bar for stimulating conversation,” she murmured to herself.   Pivoting on her heel, she headed towards the bar before noticing the crowd.  Great, it would take at least twenty minutes to get the bartender’s attention!  Sighing and unsure of her next steps, she surveyed the dance floor.

Imani and Trevor were just revving up.  And with Imani’s stressful week, it was probably best to let her finally cut loose.  She kept looking, but she couldn’t locate Lance anywhere.

Humph, knowing him, he was already getting personal attention from yet another pretty girl he just met.  Melody frowned.  Why did women constantly throw themselves at Lance?  Granted he was handsome, possessed a drool-worthy body, and now there were mumbles about NFL potential after just his first couple of games playing, but really!  Women needed to demand more respect than a meaningless one-night stand.

Frustrated and tired, she fanned herself, but she began to feel claustrophobic and faint.  All at once the hot, crowded room turned oppressive and the rank air suffocated.  The deafening music cloyed.  As she struggled to squeeze through the mass of bodies to escape, her body tensed and her heart hammered in her ears.  Pain radiated through her feet.  Every breath hitched in ragged spurts as clammy perspiration coated her skin.  In a last ditch effort she retrieved her coat and shot through the doors, not even waiting to pull on the double-breasted, wool trench coat.

The cold, January night made it difficult to catch her breath.  As she scrambled away from the frat house towards her dorm room, she wrestled into her coat and buttoned it up, snuggling in its warmth.  Maybe attending college in frigid, upstate New York wasn’t the smartest move, she thought as a bout of shivers wracked her body.  Snuggling in deeper, she tucked her head down and began barreling against the cold until she slammed into someone.

Books and bodies flew to the ground.

Colors of Friendship

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Genre – New Adult, Contemporary

Rating – R

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