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Icarus Rising by Rob Manary @robmanary

Posted on: December 26, 2013

I get the cab driver to drop me off just up the block from the Royal York. I see a figure waiting.  From the long flaming curls of red hair, I recognize St. Claire instantly. She is more petite than I thought, but even from a distance she is a beautiful creature.

I walk towards her and realize I have caused a bigger frenzy than even I had thought; there are at least a dozen photographers. They are calling to St. Claire, happily snapping away, asking her questions. She is smiling, taking it all in, offering cute little jabs to their queries.

Looking down the block she spots me and we move towards each other. Closing the distance we are soon feet from each other. I cock my head and give her my most winning boyish smile, and then my eyes catch hers. I am drowning in those green eyes of hers.  I am lost, struck immobile, her emerald eyes ensnare me. I don’t believe in love at first sight, but if I did, this would be it. The seconds are swallowed and I am hypnotized, but I notice something wondrous:  she is as caught in my eyes as I am in hers.

We regain ourselves; she smiles and nervously bites her lip.  It is genuine, stunning. “What do we do now?” she whispers, her breath a little shallow.

“We kiss,” I say with a confidence I don’t feel.  I fear she could shatter my heart with a word.

The words are barely from my lips when her lips find mine.  I think her intention was just a small peck, a chaste greeting, but her lips stay on mine a beat, and then another.  I take this as invitation and gently open my mouth to hers. She follows my lead, the kiss broken long moments later by the clapping and hooting of the photographers. Perhaps feigning embarrassment, she buries her head in my chest.  I wrap my arms around her, giving the photographers lots of fodder. She looks up at me. “What now, Icarus?”

“Now we go inside,” I whisper back to her.

“Or we could kiss again?” She takes my lips before I can respond. I slowly slide my hands down her body and take her hands.  The kiss lingers, she takes my breath.  Finally, it ends and we move hand in hand towards the entrance.


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Genre – Erotic Romance

Rating – R

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