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Order of Earth (Elements of Ink) by Jennifer Cornet @J_Cornet

Posted on: February 16, 2014

Book Excerpt: (Chapter 1)


Onyx stood on the cusp of the dance floor and took in the sights and noises of the club. It was beautifully done. They really took the whole green monster/envy/serpent theme and ran with it. By the time she snapped out of it, she had lost track of Angel. Knowing her friend, she was either in the middle of the dance floor or up in VIP by now. She scanned the room, trying to spot the florescent pink and purple hair, which usually made her stick out in any crowd. Mid-scan, she locked eyes with a stranger across the bar. Her breath caught while her heart jumped into her throat. She tried to look around, to confirm that it was her he was staring at, but she couldn’t move. His eyes bore into her, holding her attention as he floated through the crowd straight for her. He never dropped his stare. The party goers parted, making way for him to move with ease as though he was Moses crossing the red sea.

The stranger approached her: tall, well built, with perfectly tan skin. His blonde hair was buzz cut. His cheeks darkened from a days’ worth of stubble, adding to his rugged handsomeness. She felt the urge to run her teeth along his jaw line, just to feel the texture. Philip was always so well-manicured.

The handsome stranger reached where she was standing. Their intense stare was broken by his cocky smirk as he glanced down at his hand, which is waiting to meet hers. She followed his gaze and without thought, placed her hand in his. The sleeves on his plaid shirt were rolled up to his elbows, revealing impressively detailed full sleeve tattoos.

He couldn’t be sexier if he tried, she mused.

As he led her to the bar, she stumbled after him, eagerly trying to keep up like an excited puppy. His hands were warm and she could smell his cologne waft off of him: a salty fresh combination that instantly reminded her of a hot beach day.

They reached the bar, and Onyx noticed on either side of them were crowds of people waiting to be served. Yet they walked right up. It was like there was a gap reserved just for them. She glanced at him in admiration, he must be good luck, she told herself. The young, blonde bar tender came right over to take their order. That never happens, she thought.

The stranger ordered two of something and handed one over to Onyx. The dark purple drink tasted of lychee and other berries. She could hardly focus on the taste; too busy drinking the sight of her companion in. The man’s lips were thick, lusciously pink and incredibly enticing. She watched him as he took a sip of his drink. His eyes were so light blue they were almost white giving him a softer, ethereal look that countered his otherwise edgy appearance.

Only one or two drinks, I have to keep my wits about me around this one. Onyx told herself.


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Genre – Urban Fantasy

Rating – PG – 13

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